Easy Methods To Maintain Peace And Unity In Nigeria

Easy Methods To Maintain Peace And Unity In Nigeria

It's totally vital to keep up peace and unity within the multi-ethnic and multi-non secular nation of Nigeria. With more than 250 ethnic tribes and varied religious beliefs divided across geo-political lines - of Muslim North and Christian South, -- the nation's unity is being woefully threatened by ethnocentricism, sentiments and spiritual fanaticism. Lately, religious radicalism has exploded within the Northern part of the country inflicting more hurt and hatred among the total Nigerians. Following are some tips on the right way to keep unity in Nigeria:

Sentiments Should Be Stopped
Sentiment is among the main issues which can be threatening the cause of unity and concord in Nigeria. The war of words and tribal feuds are been squabbled by Nigerians everywhere in the country. We must stop making sweeping generalization on other ethnic tribes, and begin to order our feelings toward other ethnic groupings if peace and unity should reign in Nigeria.

That is the bedrock of peace and oneness in a multi-cultural nation like Nigeria. Nigerians of each race, gender, and faith should love and respect one another as one family. We should always study to like our fellow countrymen. If we're challenged by an issue, we should always spherical ourselves on a negotiating table and to not dwell in finger-pointing and wicked sentiments. If we love and adore ourselves as Nigerians, peace and unity will forever thrive in our country.

Sense of Brotherhood
This is essential not only in sustaining unity in Nigeria, however in upholding peace and tranquility among Nigerians. Nigerians ought to regard all and sundry as one. Parents at dwelling and teachers in school should orient the kids concerning the importance of equality. Let the Nigerian folks know that they belong to one family. The notion of "we" vs. "them" should be stopped for Nigeria to remain stronger, safer and more united.

Lock Your Religion in Your Closet
Religion is an efficient thing, however its practice. should be private -- solely between you and your God on whom you believe. Its practice ought to be inside the confines of your church or mosque; your house and your family. We should study to go away our religion at our properties and not attempt to carry it alongside and implement it in our public square.

Maintain the NYSC Program Running
The National Youth Service Corp is an efficient thing. It was established in 1973 after the Nigerian Civil War in 1967 so as to "reconstruct and reconcile" the nation. The scheme is aimed to foster "National Salaries unity" amongst Nigerian youths; due to this fact, allow us to NOT "wallow within the valley of despair" to its cause. To maintain peace and unity in Nigeria, due to this fact, we should always make the most of the scheme and stick with it and running.

Massive Enlightenment
To keep up peace and unity in Nigeria, huge enlightenment should ensued. The Federal Authorities should step-in to enlighten most of the people, especially the ignorant and illiterate population about unity and peaceful co-existence among the citizenry, with the central theme of equality and oneness. This may be relayed through the channels of media in order to achieve the massive population.